Weddings are India’s favourite celebrations. They are very special occasions for couples and their families. A time of celebration as a new journey of a lifelong sharing begins. Among all the frenetic preparations and many emotions, we know our job is to capture the truly timeless image and leave a lasting impression.


This is one of the best wedding shoot clicked by Nayan Studio. The tragic story behind this wedding is that Kushal’s grandma last wish was to see his wedding and on his wedding day, his grandma passed away. His father who was the first person in the family to know this incident, pretends to be happy and make sure that the ceremony should be finished happily. 


Nayan Studio found this couple the true soulmates. This wedding was done at the most expensive place in India – Umaidbhavan, Jodhpur where many celebrities tied the knot. Palak is a daughter of respectable Mr. Pradeep Singhi, who was the happiest person in the event and decided not to cry on Palak’s vidaai. His last words to his daughter during vidaai was “Ja Ji Le Apni Zindagi”


This is a story of a wedding between Anmol, an Indian Bride and Kush, a NRI Groom. Nayan Studio was just shocked at the wedding ceremony looking to the bonding between the Anmol’s family members. They were so close to each other that even Nayan Studio team felt sad at the time of vidaai.


This was a love marriage in the same community. Himali belongs to the well-set NRI Rajput family. Himali’s father dream was that her daughter’s wedding should be the best and look like a dream for everyone and he did that. Himali’s wedding was the most expensive wedding in the Bardoli city’s history. Nayan Studio was glad that the entire team was succeded to capture the real emotions.


Nancy belongs to the Suchitra Sarees Family. Whether it’s a birthday, pre-wedding, wedding or any other events in this family, the emotions were always captured by the team Nayan Studio. They always treat us as their own family. Entire Nayan Studio team is always ready to shoot their events.