Nayan Studio is to help you celebrate the special moments in your life, from the quiet ones that go on daily without fanfare to the big, emotional, important moments that change your life forever, and everything in between.


Our aim is to be with you for all your life’s important moments, our profession is not just to click a picture but it’s all about connecting the soul by capturing all your precious emotions and the most importantly preserving all your beautiful memories to focus on image excellence and incredible customer service. We go above and beyond for our clients to make sure their time is valued, deadlines are met and the highest quality product is delivered.


Each wedding has its own special moments – some that make you laugh, and some that make you cry. After all, this is the day when your parents accept that their children have grown up and are now starting a life of their own. This is the time to let go a little and also to hold each other close. There will be many emotions, which you will miss while you’re getting married, but we will treasure those emotions for you. 

We also realize the significance of this important day in one’s life, which is why our team becomes an integral part of your wedding like your own family. We understand the responsibility on our shoulders and we know how important these memories will be for you.

Over the years, we have handpicked the best wedding photographers, the best candid photographers, and the best wedding cinematographers to cover each wedding like their own family wedding. It’s teamwork that makes photography at a wedding successful, and our team comprises of experienced professionals and young talent with the latest equipment and software to give you the best possible result.

But before we say anything further, we know that a picture can speak a thousand words. Please spare a few minutes to explore our website and see our work for yourself.